November 14, 2010

I'm BACK....

I'm Back....After several hospital stays and the birth of my newest addition I've been holed up in my home venturing out to complete only the most necessary of tasks. However, of late, I've gotten out a bit more and realized how much I missed getting together with friends and sharing ideas and inspirations.
I actually finished a few little sewing projects lately and it fueled my motivation to work on more! I'll start posting on my blog site again and hopefully plan some get togethers for the local sewing club soon.
If you have any new projects that you've completed I'd love to see pictures and if you have an idea or pattern / tutorial to share with us please forward them to them to me at
Pictured is one of the sewing projects I've finished lately. The Monkey Sac; a laundry bag for my littlest one.
Check back soon for more idea posts, projects, tutorials and information on local meetings.

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