October 20, 2011

Monkey Quilt

Oh how I covet this Monkey Quilt!
It is made by Laurraine Yuyama. Look how his little ears stick out! So cute I can't stand it.

My youngest son's room is monkeys and I've been searching for bedding to transition him to a big boy bed. I came across this adorable quilt and am contemplating making it. However, the thought of cutting all those little fabric pieces is daunting to me. I love to sew...the physical act of creating / stitching. I do not like the prep work of cutting pattern pieces. I have to mull it over a bit more before I commit. I'm so slow he will probably be in college before I could complete it and I don't think his fraternity brothers would appreciate my labor of love.
She made this One Little Monkey quilt too and I might be better able to manage just one monkey. If anyone out there is feeling especially handy with scissors please feel free to cut away and send me the pieces ready to quilt!
To see more photos of her monkey quilts and other creations click here to visit her blogspot Patchwork Pottery. The pattern to make her 9 Monkey Quilt can be found in Lark Books "Quilts, BABY!".

October 18, 2011

Happy October!

Happy October! This is my favorite month..... pumpkins, mums, cooler weather and dressing up in costumes!
October ushers in Fall colors and Halloween fun! Click here for Halloween tutorials to make fun decorations, cute costumes and fancy treat bags. Even Halloween quilts!