June 28, 2009

Storage Basket Tutorial

Oh my, these are the cutest!
I think I'll have to expand my obsession for making bags into all things storage related to include these. LOVE THEM!

Click here for the Storage Basket Tutorial

June 25, 2009

Reversible Drawstring Bag Tutorial

OK, so I think I'm going to nickname myself the bag lady.... I seem to be obsessed with making bags of all sorts! I had these adorable home sewn baby shoes to give as a gift and wanted to present them in lovely wrapping representative of the gift inside. No store bought packaging seemed to do the little homemade shoes justice so I thought I would sew a gift bag that could also be used afterward in the baby's room for storage. I used the following tutorial......
Click here for the Reversible Drawstring Bag Tutorial
The bag is a nice size to store toys, pacifiers, diapers, bibs, etc (I have a similar bag that hangs off our changing table where I keep diapers and ointment for easy access) and I like how the pretty coordinating fabric lining peeks out the top.
Next time I think I will add a little pocket to the front in the coordinating lining fabric to hold a gift card!

Shoe Bag Tutorial

There are endless goodies to sew for girls but I was trying to think of something to make for the men in my life and it came to me... Shoe Bags! We are frequent travelers in my family so I thought shoe bags for keeping the dirty soles of shoes away from clothes in a suitcase would be welcome gifts for guys AND girls.
I found an easy shoe bag tutorial and thought I would share....
Obviously I will need a bit more manly fabric than is pictured here for the guys and may need to expand the bag's measurements to accommodate big shoes that go along with 6 foot + statures but the basics should remain the same.

June 15, 2009

Felt Toy Patterns

One of our members suggested a fun summer project...Felt Toys for little ones! Soooo cute! You can purchase the patterns on Etsy at Gulf Coast Cottage. Thanks for the suggestion Lindsey.

June 13, 2009

Fabric $5 Gift

I don't know about you but half the challenge in getting a sewing project started is rounding up the right fabric with our limited resources around here! I usually end up ordering fabric on the internet. If you do too hopefully you can use this $5 Gift for Fabric.com. It's a one time use coupon valid from June 12th to June 19th. Enter the code blogorange when you check out to cash in your five bucks.
I came upon the offer reading one of my favorite blogs How About Orange. Check it out here. They have some interesting craft tutorials.
Happy Shopping!