July 02, 2009

July Sewing Project-Pimp My Machine

Sew Southern Sewing Club's First Sew Along Project....... Pimp my Machine aka Sewing Machine Cover

I don't have alot of storage in my home so I have to keep my sewing machine on an open shelf in my bedroom. The ugly plastic cover that houses my machine is just downright depressing to look at all day so when I came across the above photo I was literally giddy. I can't wait to pimp out my machine!

I thought this would be a fun and simple project for us to start with. If you decide to sew along with us I'd love to see your finished product so please email me photos.....I'll post them on our blog site. If you complete your cover in time to bring it to our first meeting please do so....I'd love to have a show and tell!

Following are a few links to some sewing machine cover tutorials that I thought were simple and well written. Martha Stewart Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Craftblog Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Chez Larsson Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Member's completed covers below.... now these make for pimpin' sewing machines.

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